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Modern meeting environment requires new communication skills, and it is harder to build trust than ever before. Increase your engagement by keeping eye contact.



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We let you train your own presentation in a simulated meeting environment. The software gives you feedback based on your speaking performance and eye contact which is an essential, trust gaining factor that helps you to engage with your audience. Learn how to get the most out of your virtual meeting with Your Speech Factory

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At the core of Your Speech Factory is the sequence. The sequence helps people train effectively to engage the audience.

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Learn presentation skills with the video content from world-class partners! Excellent presentation skills will boost your brand and image.

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"Combined with effective coaching,
Your Speech Factory transforms best practice skills into inherent behaviors."

 Seamus Byrnes, VP, SNP

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Your Speech Factory collaborates with internationally recognized professionals within the communication industry to provide the best-tailored content to our users.


We turn business people into better speakers

Our AI coach helps you monitor, develop and maintain communication skills needed in the modern meeting environment.

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