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AI-agent helps understand
your audience

Whether you’re in sales, a business leader, or a professional, not being prepared enough for a specific meeting limits your ability to influence and get the YES you're aiming for.

Let's discover how our AI-agent helps get your messages relevant to your audience.

what are you up to? 

We have developed a wide range of applications that support every aspect of your professional communication needs

one-size-fits-all is outdated

We have developed a wide range of applications that support every aspect of your professional communication needs

Sales Enablement

Our AI agent integrates with your web browser, and gives you tailored assistance in creating personalized outreach content

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New Leads


Sales Strategy

Pitch Presentation

We have developed an AI agent that knows the art of influencing. The agent assists you in preparing for your meetings by using neuroscience and rhetoric techniques.

Your Speech Factory

how it works

For a meeting to be successful, it’s essential to conduct detailed research and tailor your message to resonate with your specific audience.

From Knowing To Influence

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Integrate with LinkedIn to get audience insight

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Apply neuroscience & rhetoric technique

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communication content


Integrate with LinkedIn to get audience insight

Leverage our integration with LinkedIn to generate content that resonates with your audience. By tapping into valuable audience insights directly within the platform, our system empowers you to create content that is highly relevant and tailored to your audience's interests, preferences, and needs. 


Apply neuroscience & rhetoric technique

Our AI-agent Incorporates neuroscience and rhetoric techniques in presentations to captivate attention, enhancing memory retention, and building emotional connections. By understanding how the brain processes information and leveraging rhetorical strategies such as storytelling, presentations can effectively influence audience perceptions and behaviors. 


Generate communication content

Personalized communication boosts engagement, it’s your key to success. AI agent gives you tailored assistance in creating personalized outreach content, such as LinkedIn messages, emails, cold call scripts, fresh ideas, audience insights, and even slides, in line with your audience’s specific interests, concerns, and needs.

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we are where you are

We're accessible on your preferred platform, whether it's Chrome, Powerpoint, or Google Slides

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Google Chrome Extension
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Google Slides






what clients say?

Boost your impact in meetings and presentations with ease. 

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Henrik Ekengren

Our team members are not only excited about maximizing our sales performance, but they are also enthusiastic about learning new skills and shifting their communication abilities to a whole new level.
Test 2 Seamus.jpeg

Seamus Byrnes

Your Speech Factory transforms best practice skills into inherent behaviors.
Test 3 Charlotte.jpeg

Charlotte Bamrud Helgesen

“I was lucky to have Your Speech Factory helping me prepare my webinar. I believe Your Speech Factory would greatly benefit many people out there, even those who already know the drill.”

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