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Better presentations drive better business outcomes

Save time on ideating and crafting presentations, improve quality and enhance communication skills.

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Save time & bulletproof the quality of your presentations

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Your Speech Factory helps you save a substantial amount of time ideating and crafting high quality presentations while enhancing your communication skills. This drives better business outcomes.


How it works

Let AI
generate your presentation

Create the first draft of your presentation tailored to your specific audience.

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Make your slides 
easy to read 

Analyse your presentation and get suggestions to make your slides easier to read and follow.

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Perfect your

Rehearse your pitch with one of our 3D avatars in a stress-free environment and get impartial AI feedback.

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The solution is seamlessly integrated in the world’s most used presentation tool - PowerPoint and can be installed via Microsoft Store.

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Developed by communication experts

Our tool was developed in collaboration with world-class communication leaders from San Francisco,
New York and Cape Town, so you will also get access to our elite learning content.

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See how our customers drive impact

Follow some of the success stories of Your Speech Factory.

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Henrik Ekengren
HR Director DES & Nordics

"Our team members are not only excited about maximizing our sales performance, but they are also enthusiastic about learning new skills and shifting their communication abilities to a whole new level."

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Seamus Byrnes

"Your Speech Factory transforms best practice skills into inherent behaviors."

Charlotte Bamrud Helgesen.png

Charlotte Bamrud Helgesen

“I was lucky to have Your Speech Factory helping me prepare my webinar. I believe Your Speech Factory would greatly benefit many people out there, even those who already know the drill.”


Ready to inspire the world?

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Save time on ideating and crafting presentations.

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