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Your Speech Factory Nominated as one of the Top EdTech Companies in Sweden

Boove, one of the British fastest growing online magazine has selected Your Speech Factory among the top EdTech companies based in Sweden. This nomination was based on the overall idea innovativeness, societal impact and growth strategy. We are honoured to be on the list among all the other promising companies in educational technology.

How are we changing the world of communication?

This nomination highlights our innovative approach towards improving rhetorical skills in the modern meeting environment. Your Speech Factory is changing the way people present virtually and helps them to establish professional business communication. To achieve this goal, we have developed a unique AI communication coach which guides the user while training for the next presentation.

Your Speech Factory is just a click away from where the most presentations are being made – in Microsoft PowerPoint. The AI speech coach simulates virtual audience which gives the user tailored feedback based on voice performance and eye contact maintenance. We are delighted to provide the best possible knowledge developed together with industry experts in communication leadership to turn business people into better speakers. We cannot wait to show you our upcoming features we are currently implementing in our AI coach.

What is EdTech?

Education technology (mainly recognized as "EdTech") is aiming to educate people in a specific field while using modern technology. Combining education with technology makes it easier and more entertaining for user to consume new information. At Your Speech Factory, we combine artificial intelligence with communication knowledge. Our software delivers learning content via microlearnings, which provide smaller amount of content with just the necessary information needed for understanding the learning goal. This approach keeps the user attention at a higher rate compared to the classic, old-school classroom type of learning.

We know how challenging it might be to give a presentation online. We are here to help you to get the most out of your online meetings. See more about our solution on our website and let us help you to nail your next meeting!

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