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Your Speech Factory was nominated among the best Natural Language Processing startups in Sweden

Startup Pill a global digital publisher nominated Your Speech Factory among the best Natural Language Processing startups in Sweden. We are honored to be among other 12 ambitious startups trying to innovate products and services via cutting-edge technology. All the companies were selected based on the overall level of innovation, growth and societal impact. We are eager to explore all the possibilities that natural language processing offers.

What is Natural Language Processing and how do we use it?

The ability of a computer program to accurately understand human speech and writing is called natural language processing (NLP). In a nutshell, NLP allows computers to understand natural language the same way humans do. It is a part of artificial intelligence (AI) which has its roots in linguistics and has been around for more than 50 years. Medical research, search engines, and business intelligence are among the fields where NLP is used in real life.

And how do we at Your Speech Factory use Natural Language Processing? Our ambition is to help the user to create and tailor the message to capture the mind and the heart of the audience. Do you want to know more about how we help professionals create unforgettable presentations? See how our solution works and schedule a demo with us!