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Let's admit it, virtual presenting is strange

In the post COVID19 environment, it became harder than ever to catch somebody's interest during a video call – especially while working from home. The best way of communicating our message in a visual way are presentations. Online presentations require a different approach compared to the face-to-face ones.

You might be thinking – it's not rocket science sharing your slides via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but there is always a little extra you can do to deliver the best possible presentation. Let's take a look at these tiny details which can make a huge difference and increase your virtual engagement.

Show only what is needed

Every time you make your audience look outside of your slides it drives them away from the message you want to deliver, and that is a big "no no". The most intuitive way of sharing your presentation is naturally showing your whole desktop. This is a good idea if you plan on switching between different windows at the same time. The disadvantages are however significant; if you are going to be multitasking or getting a random notification your audience is going to see it and they will stop listening to your well-prepared speech instantly.

If you want to save a few extra seconds, try saving your presentation as a slide show instead of pptx file, so it opens in a full-screen mode from the very beginning.

Remember, you are on the stage

After some time of presenting, your concentration naturally decreases. Remember, you are on stage, try not to move too fast, your audience might perceive it as chaotic. If you, however, plan on switching between different apps or if you are leading a webinar, remember to slow down. Make sure your audience follows your steps and validates it – try asking follow up questions and get the audience involved.

How about the sound?

Remember you have the option of sharing your sound. Are you about to play a video? Make sure you have this option ticked, you don't want to waste time adjusting it during your call – especially if you have a highly important meeting with investors or C-level representatives. Zoom does, for instance, give you the ability to increase your FPS to optimize your screen sharing for video content. You want to give your audience a smooth experience while watching your content.

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