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How to host a professional video meeting?

If you have ever attended an online meeting, you might have noticed how hard it is to keep everyone engaged. Background noises, cameras off, people having sound issues – this all can influence the reliability of your meetings. Are you asking what should an ideal virtual meeting etiquette look like? Let's take a look.

Timing is the key

Before an online meeting starts, you need to schedule it first. Remote meeting sometimes require a little extra patience for time managing reasons. Booking an online meeting is different from asking everyone in the same conference room whether they are busy or not. Now you have to check everyone's online agendas yourself. If your counterpart does not share the calendar with you, ask for permission – this can save you a lot of time while planning in the future.

Before your meeting starts, make always sure you are the first one among connected attendees. Start interacting with your guests as soon as they connect. Make them feel they are in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Have a camera on policy

Imagine having an in-person meeting with your eyes closed. This is a no-go. Seeing each other makes us feel more connected, more involved in the

Your clothes tell stories

This goes double in the virtual meeting environment. If you are the speaker, try avoiding the same colour of your clothes as your background. You want to be strongly visible and assertive and dressing accordingly to the situation can increase your seriousness in the eye of attendees. Are you attending a serious business meeting?

The environment matters. Yes, it truly does.

Find yourself a calm environment – Ideally a well-lit room where you won't bu disturbed during the call. It is generally not recommended using virtual backgrounds or additional effects blurring your surroundings. If you do you, it might appear that you are hiding something from your counterpart which could, in the end, undermine your trustworthiness.

It's showtime

Ok, now we know about the right environment, but how about us? How should we behave in the modern meeting environment? To make a good impression among your attendees, try sitting in an upright body posture. Keep your distance from the camera lens for about half meter. Make sure your hands are clearly visible while presenting – non-verbal communication creates up to 65% of the whole impression.

Keep eye contact at all cost

The camera lens should be at the same level as your eyes. Just a tiny movement of your camera can make you look dismissive. To make yourself look more natural, lift your laptop for around 20 centimetres off the desk. You can either grab a bunch of books or buy a positioning stand. This tiny movement will make a huge difference on your visual appearance. Once you are all happy with your positioning, remember to look at your camera lens – this is your pair of eyes from now on.

We know – It's challenging to keep looking at one specific point at your laptop, specially if the rest of the screen makes you too distracted. Don't worry! We have developed an AI based software which will hel