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Differentiate your offer, generate more revenue and stay closer to your clients.

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Benefits for you

Join our partner program and gain worldwide visibility in the corporate world of public speaking.

Differentiate your offer

Combining traditional in-person or online courses with an AI-based tool will give you an edge to other companies in the market

Reach audience

via technology

Cutting-edge technology removes the geological barrier and allows you to get in touch with your audience globally with a single click.

Generate more revenue

We offer a revenue share model. So while you are working on your business, delivering training, or crafting amazing presentations for your clients, we make sure there is another source of income for you. 



We care about you. You will have an international and multilingual team at your disposal to help you at all times.

Stay close to your clients

Several studies show that people tend to forget what they learn after a short period of time. We help you reinforce the learning by being one-click away from your clients. 

Innovative technology

Work with the technology leaders. Your Speech Factory was developed by using the latest cutting-edge technology at its core and we constantly keep developing new features to keep the users engaged.


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