How to use our digital coach


Press on Analysis and review PitchMe's feedback on your slides

Sometimes people don't spend enough time creating memorable slides for their presentation and fail to engage the audience. PitchMe will advise you on how to improve the layout of your slides with a few simple tweaks. 


Available feedback:

  1. Remove sentences

  2. Adjust font style & size

  3. Use more colors 

Look for the PitchMe badge on the right to be sure you have the right layout.

Collect as many badges as possible and then press the button Launch PitchMe on the top left to start rehearsing.


In the upper section of PitchMe's level page,  you can read some tips or watch a video about Public Speaking.

In the lower section of PitchMe, you can train how to engage your audience by practicing your presentation with a virtual coach.  PitchMe will provide you real-time feedback for you to learn and improve right away.

You can:  

  • Practice eye-contact with a virtual audience

  • Train how to use your voice effectively

You can also run a Practice session and train with PitchMe without interruptions (no real-time feedback). You will get your feedback at the end of your rehearsal. 


Check your progress to see your level of improvement and understand if you are ready to deliver your presentation or you need some extra training sessions.

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