How to train eye-contact

Eye-contact is considered the most important skill to develop in the field of public speaking. You should deliver one thought to one person and then move to the next person. You want to avoid rushing your eye-contact resulting in quickly bouncing from one person to another in the audience. 


With PitchMe you can train eye-contact with your personal digital coach. In the eye-contact settings, you can select in-person training for an upcoming face-to-face meeting or virtual for a video conference presentation. 

After you start an in-person eye-contact training, you will see 3 PitchMe avatars on the screen. 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Press the play button to initiate the training

  2. Star rehearsing with the PitchMe avatar

  3. Keep eye-contact

If you are making good eye-contact, PitchMe will smile at you.

When you see the green frame around PitchMe, press the space-bar to move to the next PitchMe avatar (a different person in the audience). The green frame indicates you are ready to engage the next PitchMe avatar (a different person in the audience).

When you see the yellow trophy, you have done enough eye-contact with PitchMe (a person in the audience) to enage him and capture his attention.

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